Tinyurl for Joomla articles and J2store products

Tinyurl for Joomla articles and J2store products

Every popular site needs to share their internal pages in social networks like Instagram, Telegram or Twitter and more. But by default, products and articles pages have a little long and ugly links.

Tinyurl plugin gives you a chance to have more pretty and short urls by one click. Just install it and enable. everything's ready.

This plugin works based on SEO urls. So you need to enable URL Rewriting (in global configuration) before using it.

And primary features:

  • Making short URLs for Joomla Articles & J2Store Products
  • No Insert Query in database table 
  • Settings for button style
  • Copy in clipboard by click
  • Different events to select and show button
  • Possible to choose URL length

See demo of Tinyurl plugin via https://ersalo.com/demo/bitfire/p-2  

J2Store Basic Settings not working?

J2Store Basic Settings not working?

Recently we detected that Basic Settings of J2store version 3.3.15 (and maybe some other versions) not working. In fact "Save and proceed" button do nothing. This page appears just once when installation is running at first time .It's about primitive configurations like currency and country.

If you check browser console, can see some messages in error section with error 500. It means that a server error has been occurred. The related URL can be opened in new tab of browser as we mentioned it below and error is obvious : 

1146 Table '3923.#__j2store_postconfigs' doesn't exist

So what's the soltuion?

Until next released of J2Store, you can simply make a table in your database with name #__j2store_postconfigs (change #__ with your prefix tables pattern). after that Green Save Button should be working. PHPMyadmin is a good tool to do that.

Any related experience? comment it!
Success Bar plugin for J2Store - 1.2

Success Bar plugin for J2Store - 1.2

Sometimes especially when shop is selling digital good, you see a customer bought two unit of a product! But why? Because notification of [add to basket ] function isn't so bold and need to be. Although in J2Store you can limit quantity for each user but it's time consuming.

So if you want to show customers a more visible message that product has been added to basket, this plugin is made for you! a full-width message bar can prevents from duplicate adding. This app integrates With J2Store. 

Also if you have a mini card in top of the page, you can set auto-scroll to top. By it, user can see that product is already in basket obviously. 

And primary features:

  • Display full-width bar to user if product added successfully
  • Show bar in top or bottom screen 
  • Fade out timer
  • Scroll page to top (optional)
  • Theme settings like background color, Font size, Padding
  • Loading gif before show bar (good for slow sites)
  • Custom CSS inputbox
  • Fully Ajax
  • Link to checkout page

Any suggestion? Put it below, in comment form. 




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