How to fix Joomla and extensions update error

In this post I just want to explain 3 general errors that users maybe face with that when they want to update kernel of joomla or setup a new extension or update it 

 So we are going to red section! 

Notice that we consider English language and maybe you are using different for backend.


1 Could not open archive part file ... Check that file exists, is readable by the web server and is not in a directory made out of read by chroot, open_basedir restrictions or any other restriction put in place by your host.

This error appears in a simple popup. We suggest that go to "Global Configuration" menu in backend and check the tmp path (and also logs). Because Joomla needs to transfer setup file from it server to yours. It should be like one of these lines :


And for logs folder :

  • [user] is the folder name of your host. To find that you need to open file manager of your host. It depends to your server configuration.
  • In some servers "home3" used other than "home". This item also needs to be checked by file manager.
  • Above correction usually should be done if you transfer site from local or another host. 

2 Could not create directory

If you did step1 correctly, this error could be related to permission of tmp folder. Just check this folder permission and set it to 755. You can do that by file manager, FTP app or akeeba admin extension.

3 JInstaller: :Install: Can't find XML setup file. Unable to detect manifest file. Unable to find install package. Path not in open_basedir paths - Unable to create destination

These errors are the same. If you passed 2 previous steps successfully, maybe configuration of web server cause that Joomla couldn’t find xml file of the package. In that case we suggest unzip extension in local. Put all files of it in a new folder (with name you like it!) and compress that folder. Now re-upload the package and check it.

By this way if the package has corruption you will notice.


There are somethings else that you can check yet:

1) Your host has free space? if doesn't you maybe face with an irrelevant error like "Invalid Login".

2) Check Maximum Upload Limit in your PHP configuration and increase that if it's on default (2MB).

3) In Joomla System Information check that zlib library enabled or not. It's necessary for setup extensions or Joomla update..


And the final advice? Be always on latest stable version of Joomla & PHP.

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