J2Store Basic Settings not working?

J2Store Basic Settings not working?

Recently we detected that Basic Settings of J2store version 3.3.15 (and maybe some other versions) not working. In fact "Save and proceed" button do nothing. This page appears just once when installation is running at first time .It's about primitive configurations like currency and country.

If you check browser console, can see some messages in error section with error 500. It means that a server error has been occurred. The related URL can be opened in new tab of browser as we mentioned it below and error is obvious : 

1146 Table '3923.#__j2store_postconfigs' doesn't exist

So what's the soltuion?

Until next released of J2Store, you can simply make a table in your database with name #__j2store_postconfigs (change #__ with your prefix tables pattern). after that Green Save Button should be working. PHPMyadmin is a good tool to do that.

Any related experience? comment it!

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