Reduce J2store Queries  by caching

Reduce J2store Queries by caching

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If you install J2store on a fresh Joomla and turn on debug option, you can see that J2store run about 17 database queries for a single product! It shows that this extension is not very optimized and needs premium host.

So what's the solution?

Hopefully J2store has a separate cache plugin and you can turn it on. to do that follow these steps :


1 Go to plugin list and turn off the joomla page cache plugin to avoid any conflict and then turn J2page Cache plugin on

2 Go to minicard module and in [Advanced] tab set Caching to No caching.

3 In Final step, go to Joomla global configuration and in [System] tab set System Cache on Conservative.


Now second opening of each page should be faster.
If you are familiar with a commercial cache extension share your experience with us.

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