Quick configuration for JCH Optimize

Quick configuration for JCH Optimize

AS you know JCH Optimize is an extension that optimize your website and reduce loading time. For the first time maybe you need to know some important things about this addon. So let's take a look at tips :


1- In [Basic Options] tab you need to find best choice between Minimum and Optimum.
One strategy is to select Minimum first. Check the site. if there wasn't any problem goto next that is Intermediate and check the site again. Continue this until you see any malfunction. Then go back to previous option. You need to do this yourself because templates have different assets. If you be lucky, you can select Optimum.


2- You need to set appropriate value for Combined files delivery
Gzip is an important factor to reduce time loading. if you select static,it is necessary that add some rules in .htaccess file to enable it or active this feature in host panel (Cpanel do it as a piece of cake). Otherwise select PHP with query to PHP handle it. if you want to be sure that gzip is enable, you need to check your site by GTMetrix tools.


3- Set the order of JCH plugin
In the same tab you can see a button with name Order Plugin. Click it once to be sure plugin placed as the last item. Also you can clean the cache by next button. This button is useful because JCH will not store all overheads in default Joomla directory cache.


4- You can except some files from merging in [Exclude Options] tab
Sometimes there are files that should not be merged because they make problems. So you can say to JCH that ignore them from merging. But there is an important point here : if JCH does not show them in the list, you can type the name of file and then click on Add item button.


5- Don't miss Lazy Load in [Pro Features] tab !
This feature prevent images from loading if user screen has not reached to that part of page yet. In other word images load only if needed. Of course you can add exception by folder or image class. Also you can add effect to have a better view. Currently the only availble effect is fade out.


Certainly JCH has more options that may be tuned but in this article we mentioned only vital items. Others can be checked if you have more time! good luck.



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