J2Store Display Product Module Enhancement

J2Store Display Product Module Enhancement

J2Store has a free module to display products ordered by some parameters like Latest added, Cost, Best-selling that can be download via below link:
It's a useful module but there are some tiny problems :
1 Sort products by latest modified
“Product descending” or latest product shows just latest added, not latest modified. This sort can be important if you have digital goods (files). Basically you don’t create a new page and edit current one.

Anyway if you need this sort, open below file and go to line (196) :
Then change this code :
case 'desc':
$sortby = 'p.j2store_product_id DESC';​
case 'desc':// sort based on modified date
$sortby = 'p.modified_on DESC';

Now in module edit page, if you select “latest product” the list will be sorted by latest modified date. Of course you can use this change for any other case like art_desc as you like. 

Already Bought plugin for J2Store digital products

Already Bought plugin for J2Store digital products

These days I had a little free time to write a simple App for J2Store Extension. That’s about Downloadable products in J2store. Yes, if you have a file shop with J2store, maybe this app is suitable for you. 

In Joomla, J2store is one of the best extension that you can sell files through that. But in my opinion this extension needs be smarter. For example if a user has bought a digital product, it's better to know about that and site alert to him. 

Currently J2Store hasn’t this feature so I made that with a simple app: Already Bought. Already Bought is a plugin that if a customer is in product view, he will get a message that you already bought this product and can download it in your profile. Plugin can hide “add to basket” icon, also works in category view or native latest product module.

These are primary settings :

  • Show message to user
  • Show icon to user
  • Hide [add to basket] button
  • Available in category view
  • Custom CSS code




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