Remove username from Joomla registration

Remove username from Joomla registration

Time is gold and if you want to present services to registered users, you need to show a simple registration form with less fields. Joomla native sign up form is time consuming and not optimized because:

1- Availability of username will be checked after submission and that is boring.
2- Customers maybe forget their usernames but not email.
3- Why we should fill email twice!?
4- Form is not Ajax.
5- After registration completed, user has to sign in now (there is no auto login)


So what we can do? 

I personally suggest the simple way, just install Improved Ajax Login Register (IALR) extension and get below unique features:

1 You can remove username or re-type fields like email & password
2 Validate inputs before submission with Ajax
3 Auto login after registration
4 Login as email
5 Login by social networks like Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn
6 Show login popup with trigger (for example click on a custom link)
7 Add avatar to profile
8 You can use Joomla Custom Fields in registration form
9 Add Google reCaptcha v2 to kill spams
10 Different colors, styles and a lot of useful features…


Important points about Improved Ajax Login Register:

1) If you want to use auto login after registration, you need to set Joomla User Activation to none (not administration or self) in Joomla users option.

2) It’s better to disable Make Username in IALR plugin. So IALR will copy email for username field.

3) And one more interesting point in developer page is that if you buy BUSINESS plan, you can update this extension forever! Wise strategy.


We hope offlajn add Login with telegram and invisible reCaptcha too. If you had any experience or issue about this extension please share it with us.

Fix J2Store file manager scroll in backend

Fix J2Store file manager scroll in backend

Current version of J2Store is 3.3.10 and if you intent to sell file by it, maybe this article written for you! In Backend of J2Store, you need to select downloadable item first and in [file] tab, there is a button with name "set product file"

When you want to select uploaded file with J2Store browser (honestly I don't like UI!) there is a bug and that's about vertical scroll bar. If you have a lot of files here, you can not scroll down the list to see end of it.

I think this is a CSS issue and will be fixed in next versions but for now you can follow these steps.


1 If you are using ISIS template for backend you need to open below file :

Or make it if there isn't a custom.css in the css folder.

2 add below codes to custom.css save the file and refresh backend completely (CTRL+F5) :


Now the problem should be fixed!



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