Bitfire Requirements

Last Update: 20 October 2019

The current version of Bitfire J2store tempalate is for Joomla 3x. You can use host or local webserver like WAMP or XAMP. It's recommended that use a system with below specifications to get better result and experience :

  • PHP 7.x
  • 256 MB memory or higher
  • max_execution_time : 180
  • SSD Disk (if you want to turn the JCH Optimization on)
  • Cpanel

Caution : Template Quick Start package (Zip) is about 70 MB and 150 MB after extract. So your host quota shoud be at least 256 MB.

The template is cross browser and FireFox, Chrome, Edge, Opera or vivaldi is suitable to surface it.

Package and extensions list

Last Update: 20 October 2019

The template package contains Quick Start to setup easily. also an installation manual and position map. To have a powerful template, it's necessary that install some extra extensions plus the joomla natives. In Bitfire we have some primary extensions :

  • SP Page Builder
  • J2store
  • Helix Ultimate

And others to rich the product :

  • Smart Slider
  • Improved Ajax Login
  • Sigplus
  • Komento

We suggest that use Quick Start package to cover whole above list.

How to install Bitfire Package?

Last Update: 20 October 2019

As we suggest, it's better to use Quick Start for installing template because a lot of settings will be setup less than one minute. Let's describe installing Joomla on WAMP server (local machine) that is really easy.

Installing template on WAMP server (local) :

1- Open WWW folder of WAMP Server and create a folder with a name for example Bitfire. Paste the package here and Unzip it.

2- Now in your browser go to http://localhost/bitfire until the installation page appear.

3- Fill the form: set an admin username/password, then go to next step.

4- In this step you need to choose a database name as you like. Also fill Database user and password. If you did not change default WAMP setting, it should be root with empty password.

5- Now you are ready to import SQL file. Make sure that the radio input is selected and click on install button.

6- If there was not any problem, you have to see Congratulations message. Just delete installation folder of your site and go to backend to change settings!


For installing Bitfire On Internet Host, Maybe there was a pre-step and that's creating database, user and binding these together and after that use these information on install process.

To do that you need search for your host control panel guide for example cpanel.

Template Map and config first things

Last Update: 20 October 2019

Design of static pages like Home or Contact and About Us are with SP Page builder. So you have no problem to refactor them. Drag and drop and change the positions of everythings.

But for header, footer or canvas menu for example there is no worry because the framework is Helix Ultimate and you can edit layout in template manager. Hopefuly this service is visual too and you can change it with drag and drop.


1 After template installed you can find different styles of template in Template Manager section. In fact they are just different in color. if you want to change default color of Bitfire (Red) you may change the default Star.

But if you deleted other styles, you can yet change the color by edit the Custom Code of helix menu. Edit the name of file and save it.

2 Primary settings like logo, favicon, Font size, 404 default image and ... could be set in helix template manager.

3 Default J2store template has been overrided and the path is: templates\bitfire\html\com_j2store\templates\default  



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